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Smart solutions

for your Smart home

Benefits of a Smart Home



As the world gets more technologically advanced, we find new technologies getting closer our personal lives. Home automation is becoming popular around the world and is becoming a lifestyle requirement. Well-designed home systems bring comfort, convenience, simplicity and savings


The system can alarm  in case of  any intrusion, monitor whether there is a gas leak or fire, can be integrated with  your Access control and CCTV surveillance.



And it’s about the energy savings you will enjoy by assigning your home the responsibility of regulating the operation of lights, water heater, HVAC system, entertainment components, appliances and irrigation system so these devices are on only when needed.

Image by Miłosz Klinowski

Home Automation

As the world gets more technologically advanced, we find new technology coming in deeper and deeper into our personal lives even at home. Home automation is becoming more and more popular around the world and is becoming a common practice. 


Access control and CCTV Surveillance

Kromtek is the authorized distributor of Continental Access , USA , the industry leader in Access Control. Continental Access provides state-of-the-art access control software and hardware in an easy-to-implement and easy-to-use access control solution It's flexible access control software is suited to the needs of organizations 

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Image by Ash Edmonds

People Counting

KROMTEK SYSTEMS is the authorized distributor for Irisys Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd, generally called Irisys, is a global leader in thermal imaging, people counting technologies and real time queue management solutions. Irisys infrared arrays are used by many of the world's leading retailers, banks, transport hubs and leisure facilities to improve customer service, operational efficiency and profitability.


KROMTEK SYSTEMS from the beginning has been a key player in the installation and Maintenance of Satellite television Distribution systems in Villas, Compounds, Hotels and Multistoried Residential Buildings. It has reach expertise in complex Multi satellite Distribution systems using Fiber and Hybrid Distribution systems. 

Technology Partners

We have a long lasting relationship with major players in the industry.

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