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Aerial View of a Busy Area

Also known as footfall counting, visitor counting, customer counting


KROMTEK SYSTEMS is the authorized distributor for Irisys Infrared Integrated Systems Ltd, generally called Irisys, is a global leader in thermal imaging, people counting technologies and real time queue management solutions. Irisys infrared arrays are used by many of the world's leading retailers, banks, transport hubs and leisure facilities to improve customer service, operational efficiency and profitability.

What is people counting?

People Counting Application - Retail Sto

People counting uses an electronic device (traditionally called a people counter or footfall counter) to measure the number of people that pass through a certain passage or entrance.

Irisys is a world leading authority on this technology and over 500,000 of our people counters are installed worldwide.

With a high ROI and a very fast payback time, our footfall counters are used by brands, public institutions and international organisations alike.

The information our people counters provide is used at all levels of businesses, from planning front-line activities to setting overall strategy.

Benefits of people counting

Queue Management - Checkout.webp

People counting technology forms the basis for a range of high-tech solutions, including retail analytics, queue management and space utilization applications.

To make effective business decisions, you need good intelligence - and that’s what footfall counters provide.

Accurate and reliable footfall measurements allow you to

  1. Calculate your store's conversion ratio

  2. Compare store performance across a worldwide network

  3. Calculate your footfall patterns

  4. Optimize your building layout and staffing levels

  5. Improve customer service

How people counting works, in 3 easy steps

How People Counting Works - 1.webp
1. Install People Counting Device

Mount device face down above entrance-way to the area you want to count people in or out of.

How People Counting Works - 2.webp
2. Configure Count Lines

Use the setup tools to draw invisible lines that count the number of people that cross them.

How People Counting Works - 3.webp
3. Collect Count Data

Sit back and relax as accurate count data is collected automatically.

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